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React Alicante 2019

On September 27th, 2019 I gave a conference talk in Alicante, Spain at React Alicante 2019. Believe it or not this was my first true conference talk of 2019! What fun! Had a great crowd show up for my talk. It was in the middle of the morning on the first day which turned out to…
October 20, 2019
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Guest on FreeCodeCamp Podcast

Recently I was a guest on freeCodeCamp's Podcast! I had a lot of fun chatting with Abbey, the host, who asked wonderful questions that let me talk at length about my career. There's a wonderful blog post up about the contents of the episode if you want to read the cliff notes…
October 7, 2019
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How To useContext With useReducer

Welcome back to the last installment of our mini-course on ! If this is your first time here I recommend you check out the first two posts in this series: Why I Love useReducer Level Up useReducer with Immer Today's post rounds out this trilogy. Today we learn about , and how it…
May 19, 2019
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Level Up useReducer with Immer

If you're just joining us, this post is an add-on to my Why I Love useReducer post. If you haven't read that already, I recommend you take a second and have a peek before you continue reading this post! And if you want to skip to the third installment of this trilogy then go…
May 10, 2019
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Why I Love useReducer

This post is the first of a trilogy. Check out the other two posts as well: Level Up useReducer with Immer How To useContext With useReducer I didn't realize until recently how much I loved the React Hook useReducer. It's one of those advanced hooks, and while I read the…
May 3, 2019
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What is React Ink?

The first time I learned about React Ink I was immediately intrigued. A project that lets me take all my React knowledge and use it to make a CLI program? Sounds great to me! In this video we'll explore what React Ink is and what you can do with it. We'll get up and running from…
April 14, 2019
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